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White salt is less common than the popular brown salt used by councils and highways.

White rock salt is sourced from countries with hotter weather, Spain and Egypt are the main sources. It is a marine salt that is made by repeating the process of flooding huge salt beds with seawater, it is then left for the sun to evaporate the water leaving behind a crystallised salt deposit. This process is repeated until a large enough deposit has been made and will then be harvested and treated with an anti-caking agent. White salt doesn’t contain a variety of other materials like brown salt, this is a much purer salt which is why it is white.

It is generally finer than brown salt and disperses over a wider area, making it fast-acting. 

Better suited to spreading by hand rather than via a mechanical spreader. 

The main benefit of white salt is it leaves no brown residue, unlike brown rock salt.

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We recommend a depth of at least 3-4cm

(Coverage (Approximations from a 3 to 4cm depth)
1 Bulk Bag = 8 to 10 Square Metres)