Size: 2m x 25m

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Groundtex is a woven geotextile fabric liner manufactured from 100% polypropylene slit film tapes. 

It is a good 'all round' geo fabric that can be used for weed suppression and ground stabilisation in both soft and hard landscaping schemes. 

Groundtex can be used beneath MOT Type 1, sharp and angular stone and gravel including areas subject to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Applications:  Groundtex is typically used for ground stabilisation as a separation/reinforcement layer or as a heavy duty weed suppressant in landscape , building/construction, groundworks and civil engineering. It can be used in a number of applications including roads and driveways, railway construction, car parks, paved areas, 

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We recommend a depth of at least 3-4cm

(Coverage (Approximations from a 3 to 4cm depth)
1 Bulk Bag = 8 to 10 Square Metres)