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Plastering or soft brown building sand is both soft and durable. 

An extremely fine grade 0-2mm sand. However, when used as mortar sand, this brown variation is considered a very durable product making mortar for areas where hard water and natural erosion is more common. 

For further durability this product can be blended with sharp sand to create a semi-sharp compound, perfect for laying flags and paving. 

Features and Benefits: rending, bedding and plastering 

Colour: Brown

Size: 0-2mm

Material: Sand 

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This product is made with naturally occurring materials - colour and texture will differ due to the various locations it is sourced from. This should be considered if using this product for decorative purposes.

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We recommend a depth of at least 3-4cm

(Coverage (Approximations from a 3 to 4cm depth)
1 Bulk Bag = 8 to 10 Square Metres)