Size: 1/2 bulk bag

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Bark chippings are mostly used to cover bare soil areas in borders and flowerbeds which will give your garden a clean and crisp finish and help your flowers and plants shine through. 

Bark not only looks good but it has many benefits for your garden. It helps to suppress weed growth, retains soil moisture, regulates soil temperature, and enhances soil fertility, this is known as mulching.  

The best time for mulching is mid to late spring or late autumn when the soil is moist and warm. 

If you want to keep your garden healthy you should invest in mulch, your plants and flowers will thrive!

Application: pathways, raised beds, rose gardens, mulching, and landscaping

Shape: Free form shape - varies

Colour: Shades of brown

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We recommend a depth of at least 3-4cm

(Coverage (Approximations from a 3 to 4cm depth)
1 Bulk Bag = 8 to 10 Square Metres)