Choosing the Right Decorative Stone: Types, Colours, and Uses

Posted on June 12 2024

Decorative stones are a cornerstone of garden design, offering not only beauty but also versatility in landscaping. Whether you're accentuating flower beds, paving a garden path, adding a focal point or texture to your outdoor space, the right decorative stone can transform the aesthetic and functionality of your environment. This guide will explore the different types of decorative stones, spotlight the allure of white stones, and discuss how to select the perfect stone for your project.

Understanding Types of Decorative Stone:
Decorative stones come in a vast array of types, each with unique characteristics and suitable for different uses:

  • Pebbles: Ideal for paths and alpine gardens, pebbles are often rounded and smooth, making them comfortable to walk on.
  • Cobbles: Larger and more rustic, cobbles are perfect for creating sturdy and attractive garden borders or features.
  • Gravel: Commonly used for driveways and paths due to its excellent drainage properties. It's also perfect for rustic garden designs.
  • Chippings: Smaller than gravel, these are great for decorative features and mulching, with a variety of colors available to match any garden theme.
  • Slate: Offers a sleek and modern look with its flat, angular shape, making it ideal for contemporary garden settings.
 Decorative Scottish Pebbles Decorative Dove Grey Chippings Decorative Green Slate


Our most Popular Decorative Stone Colours:
When selecting decorative stones, colour plays a pivotal role in achieving the desired impact and aesthetic in your garden or landscape. Among the wide array of hues available, here are some of our most popular choices that our customers' frequently select for their projects:

  • Staffordshire Pink: This charming stone boasts a blend of pink, peach, and white tones that add a warm and inviting look to any garden. It's particularly effective in creating soft, romantic pathways and is also used in flower beds for a pop of natural colour.
  • Black Ice: A striking option, Black Ice features a mix of black and grey shades that deliver a sleek, modern feel. It’s perfect for contemporary garden designs and makes an excellent contrast against green foliage or brighter coloured stones.
  • Golden Gravel: As the name suggests, this stone has rich golden hues that exude a rustic charm and a warm feel. It's highly versatile, enhancing everything from driveways to decorative garden borders, and complements wooden features like decks and pergolas beautifully.
  • Polar White: For those looking to make a bold statement, Polar White is a standout choice. Its bright, clean appearance illuminates shadowy areas and pairs well with darker stones to create eye-catching designs.

The Appeal of White Decorative Stones:
White stones can brighten up any garden space, reflecting light and making areas appear larger and more inviting. White gravel or pebbles can transform a shady garden corner into a highlighted feature, while white marble chips are prized for their aesthetic appeal and durability. Using white stones around other colourful plants or darker stones can create stunning contrasts that draw the eye and enhance the overall design.

Decorative Stone and Gravel Uses:

Decorative stone and gravel are not just limited to aesthetic enhancements; they also play functional roles in landscaping and indoor settings:

  • Drainage: Both stone and gravel are excellent for improving soil drainage in gardens and are often used in areas susceptible to waterlogging.
  • Weed Prevention: When laid over a landscape fabric, these stones can significantly reduce weed growth, minimizing garden maintenance.
  • Pathways and Patios: Gravel and flat stones like slate are commonly used for pathways and patios due to their durability and ease of installation.
  • Mulching: Chippings and crushed stone can be used as mulch to retain soil moisture and reduce weed growth, while adding a decorative touch.
  • Indoor: Incorporating small decorative stones such as pebbles or gravel in indoor plant pots can enhance the aesthetic of houseplants, improve drainage, and help maintain humidity levels around the plants.

Choosing the right decorative stone involves considering both the functional and aesthetic aspects of your project. By understanding the different types and colours of stones available, including the striking effect of white stones, you can make informed decisions that enhance both the beauty and usability of your outdoor spaces.