Winter gardening tasks

Posted on January 13 2022


Winter doesn’t mean all work has to stop in the garden, it can be an exciting time to sit in the warm with a cuppa and start planning for spring, it is just around the corner, and it feels good to have a plan in place.

What can I do in my garden in winter?

You can start prepping your garden by tidying your borders, preparing your soil for growing vegetables or flowers and giving everything a good clean ready for all your new ideas.

Here are just a few ideas to help that planning get started.


A new colour scheme

A new colour can change the look of a garden with minimal effort and our decorative pebbles, cobbles, gravel and slate all come in amazing colours, sizes and even textures! You are bound to find one that will blend with your new colour scheme from pink to black we have it all.

Staffordshire pink and Black ice are one of our most popular gravels to make an area stand out.


New landscaping features?

We have the perfect products to help with garden zoning areas, around water features, paths and edging on borders.

All our products can do this job, but our pebbles and cobbles would be ideal as they look amazing and they are low maintenance, win win situation!


Tidy your borders

A tidy and adding some stones to your borders will always freshen up the look of your garden without breaking the bank and it gives you something different to look at and you could even change it year by year!

Golden gravel is one of our most popular products for this job with its beautiful blend of warm colours includes gold, tan and warm cream and will brighten those borders superbly.


Prepare your soil for growing vegetables or flowers

Add our bark chippings to your raised beds, this will help improve the soil ready for those new gorgeous plants or delicious vegetables.


Decorating your plant pots

Don’t forget about your plants indoors or outside, by adding gravel to the top really makes a difference as they hide the soil which makes them standout and shine.

Polar white is our most popular for plant toppers as they are a striking white marble chipping that glistens when wet and sparkles in the sunshine. Any plant would be happy to have them.

Grab that pen, paper and a hot drink and start planning your garden and dream about the warmer weather and all the outdoor fun you can have.

Have fun!