Loads Of Stone - Officially an Earth Positive Business

Posted on March 21 2022


Sustainability and our impact on the world have always been at the forefront of our minds at Loads of Stone. We are proud to announce we are now officially an Earth Positive Business.

What does this mean?

In simple terms, we plant 2 trees for every order you place and 2 trees when you subscribe to our newsletter!

Why is this important to us?

Why wouldn't it be?! The impact we have on our planet has taken its toll, and it’s our view that every single one of us should be trying to reverse this change and have a positive impact. 

Where will the trees be planted?

We looked at this very carefully and decided to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects who focus on restoring native ecosystems in locations around the world, whilst helping to alleviate extreme poverty in those areas. They have planted over 500 million trees across the globe, and their current area in focus is Bosawás, Nicaragua.


Where can I find more info?

Follow the below link for more information; https://app.getgreenspark.com/dashboard/1647861882367/loads-of-stone

Loads Of Stone - Earth Positive Business