Have you thought about a gravel garden?

Posted on March 03 2022

Spring is just around the corner bringing lighter mornings and nights which means some of us start to look at our outdoor spaces with renewed energy, whilst some of us are dreading the gardening tasks which can take time and can be costly. If you fall into the latter, have you thought about a gravel garden? 


Why a gravel garden?

This type of garden is known as hardscaping, as it is mainly non-living elements.

Gravel gardens are low maintenance and, unlike grass, you don’t need to mow, weed, or water them (which sounds ideal to us!). No more stressing about keeping a lawn alive and looking good; gravel gardens are good for areas of heavy traffic, so if you have children, you won't have to worry about them trampling all over your outdoor space and chewing it up; and your dog won’t be able to kill or dig up the area (just make sure the gravel you are using has a smooth finish for those little paws!).

The cost is low as you won’t need to buy expensive weed killers, lawn feeds, and gardening equipment. Once you lay your chosen gravel, that is the job done, with upkeep minimal.

Of course, the best bit about a gravel garden is they look amazing. You have numerous sizes, shapes, textures, and colours of stone to choose from, making your choice a hard but fun one at the same time. 


How do I know which gravel to use?

Short answer: the choice is yours! 

Most gravel stones, slates, cobbles and pebbles will cope with all general garden use. It really is down to personal preference.

If you need a little help what style do you want to create?

Do you love a contemporary feel, the stones for you will be pale and light-reflecting gravel which are white, grey and black. Our most popular gravel stones to achieve this look are black ice chippings, alpine blue chippings or polar white chippings. 

If you are after a traditional feel, the stones for you will be full of warm, deep and earthy shades of browns, creams, reds, and pinks. Our most popular gravel stones are red chippings, golden gravel, and Scottish pebbles to create this feel. 

There is a chance you will fall in love with a couple of different gravels on Loads of Stone, then our sample packs are for you. They will allow you to see the exact size and colour of the product before ordering a larger quantity. 


What finishing touches can I add?

There are no rules. You can add as much or as little as you like. 

You can add accessories, a bird feeder, birdbath, benches, tables, chairs and potted plants. They will all bring life and colour to your gravel garden. 

Adding plants, trees and shrubs will also look great in your space. Drought resistant plants are best for gravel gardens but your choice is not limited, you will always find something that you like. 

Some of our favourite plants for gravel are crocuses, hyacinths, foxgloves, lavender, aloe and fountain grass.


How do I maintain a gravel garden?

Easy. It just needs raking back into place whenever you feel the need to freshen it up. A weed or two may find the light even through a weed membrane, but they should be so few in number that you can tend to them by hand.

Autumn time can bring its beautiful issue with fallen leaves. Investing in a leaf blower when you have a gravelled area is recommended, as ignoring a build-up of leaves for too long can cause discolouration.

We love our job and are here to help you along the way.

Have fun planning, designing, landscaping and dressing your new gravel garden. It won’t be long before you will be sitting in your favourite chair enjoying the sun and your new space.