Frequently asked questions!

Posted on June 22 2022

More information has been added. 

A new section has been added to Loads of Stone to help answer the questions you may have when placing an order with us. 

We know that ordering decorative aggregates is very different from your normal orders that can be delivered through the letterbox, left in a safe place, or even with a neighbour. 

Our products are heavy and large, which brings about a lot of different questions.

In the new frequently asked questions tab we have tried to answer all the questions that we have been asked lately, we will be always updating this section as new questions get raised on a daily basis and it is amazing what we get asked that we had just not thought about. 


Where to find this section

You can find this section on the top menu bar of the Loads of Stone website and at the foot of the website. 

Or follow this link to get straight there.

Missing anything?

If you have a question that hasn't been answered please get in touch via email, phone, or chat and we'll happily answer the question for you and add it to the FAQ for future customers. 


Tel: 01325 526151


Extra Extra! 

More information has been added to the delivery information section to help you understand how your order will be delivered, what requirements are needed to make a delivery successful and who will be delivering your order. 

It seems like a lot of information but it really does help you and us to make a delivery a success. 

Another new section has been added the terms and conditions, this section is a must for all companies and you, the customer, as it helps provide clarity about what should happen in any given situation. 

They set out the key commercial terms we are offering our customers and help the contractual parties to understand their duties, rights, roles, and responsibilities.